Tyloon Media Corporation  in February 25, 2015 the formal launch of real estate agents mobile phone network, will provide American real estate network powerful search function for all ordering mobile phone real estate network service estate agent. Now, the brokerage individuals can not only will find good housing information through the WeChat share to potential customers, or in the WeChat group is widely spread, but also let their clients like to use mobile phone search houses, for good please brokers to house, greatly improve the sale of housing turnover rate, greatly enhanced the customer to the agent a sense of trust, enhance customer agent on adhesion. Brokers do not have to worry about potential buyers will be other agents away, because contact each agent real estate network are the agent himself.


In order to help real estate brokers learn how to effectively use the mobile phone in the development of real estate network micro marketing activities WeChat platform, we offer free weekly micro marketing seminars, time is two per week and Thursday afternoon 2:30 - 4:00, participants must be a licensed real estate broker. Due to limited seats, participants have to book in advance. Reservation Hotline is: 626-330-5838